Attuning the Hawks

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Today is exactly one week since Reiki Fur Babies and I attuned the Hawks of the US and a week and a day for the attunements of the Deer.

The experiences for both was incredible, and I’ve been processing both of them ever since.

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a special place in my heart for Hawk, then when they told me during my vision quest that I was part of Hawk clan the connection to them has been one as strong as family. So I knew when we decided to do this is was going to be breathtaking journey and It was.

From the moment I began at 12PM and Ming and Candy began sending from California at 9AM I felt the energy and it became electric. Then the archangels came, they surrounded me b the hundreds and I felt them do the same for RFB in California. When I began to send the energy flowing from my hands; ask if they were a loom weaving this cloth of energy. I began in the North, then East, then South and finally I began sending Westward.

I immediately felt 2 Arch Angels put their hands on my shoulders, and their touch seems to speak “we are with you, you’re not doing this alone.”

as I did when I attuned the deer I felt myself floating across the country. Then the most incredible thing happened, I felt wings attach themselves to my shoulder blades, I felt them hanging off my back, and felt how strongly they were attached and I FELT their weight.

I felt complete, whole, but at the same time it didn’t feel as though it was a huge momentous thing but rather, just the next logical step who I was becoming as a being.

In that moment I knew exactly how to use them and I knew I was gifted with the ability to fly!

Then I saw Ming and Candy coming through the pan handle in Texas and we stood together, Candy bowed her head and said a prayer of appreciation of all things and for all of us coming together for this special moment.

Then as we all stretched out our arms to one another and joined in the final sending, immediately I saw the hawks flying from all 4 directions towards us, every hawk in the US and they came together and flew into the circle above where we stood. They flew up into the sky and soared in the thousands, in circles above our heads. Calling in joy to one another and to us.

Each of us was sent a Hawk (a female) to guide us into this next phase of our lives, a Hawk that would be with us for the rest of our lives. The females are the strongest and the biggest they choose who they will be with and who they will spend time with, they sit in their power of femininity and the own it. 🙂

That night I had a dream of having my wings and flying with the hawks, going to other places, and to other worlds.

Hawk’s message:

We have asked this to be done do us as a species to show how “just simple” animals can raise the vibration of this world. Those who are attuned to the vibration of this world will feel the shift and benefit from it. Those who aren’t will still feel it and benefit only more slowly, more softly. Even those who don’t believe any of this at all will benefit as well

We ask you humans to be beside us, and raise yourselves to the higher vibrations; to leave behind those lower stagnant feelings and vibrations and step into the newer and higher vibrations and to not look back! For looking back serves no purpose; although purpose was served in your spending time here it’s time to leave. As brother’s and sisters we ask you to come BE with us to come with us into the vibrations of the higher consciousness we welcome you and love you as we love ourselves, but for those who choose not to join us, who are content in the vibration they are in, we understand, there is nothing wrong with that, we simply ask you to remember you can always choose to join us, the sky is always there for you to spread wings and fly to. Until then we will look forward to the time when each and every Hawk and each and every Human meet on the planes of the higher levels of consciousness.

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  1. Coryelle,

    Hawk sister!! What an honor this has been to attune the hawks. They have been such a force within both of our lives. To come together and do this for the hawks,
    for the planet is amazing. I still do not have many words to express my feelings for the levity of it.

    But I love that they are off busy doing their healing work. Not seeing them for a few weeks when I am used to seeing them daily is something to get used to. But I do fly with them in meditation every morning.

    Big love to you,

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