Attuning the Crows


The request from the Crows came to all 3 of us, Ming & Candy of Reiki Fur Babies and myself. We attuned them on 11/21/13, and it was a magnificent experience, unique and powerful; just as it was for Hummingbird, Deer, Hawk, Bee and Mustangs & Donkeys.

I really feel SO blessed to be a part of this incredible unfolding of healing.

It began as it did with the others, I started sending to the North, then the East, then to the South and finally sending to the West. At each direction I could see ripples of waves of the energy coming out of my hands, and in my head I heard in the cawing of the crows they were rejoicing.

When I began to send to the West the direction where I would eventually meet with and join Ming and Candy. I saw myself floating over the country as before, this time it went much faster and suddenly I was above the panhandle in Texas and I saw a HUGE beautiful black funnel of crows circling the meeting place. Behind me the Crows were coming from the South, East and North; were like a black wall of black iridescent feathers, they move towards the funnel of Crows and I see Ming and Candy in front of me and we join hands to finish the attunement.

There were figures surrounding us, which are usually the Arch Angels, and the Fairies. They both were there but there were some others I had never see before. They stood with the Arch Angels in a circle around us, and I saw that they Native Americans. They told me that they were “the ancestors from every tribe/nation that is and every was” and for some reason they were very tied to the attunement of the Crows.

Then suddenly the Crows all cawed and called to each other in pure JOY! And then the funnel and the wall of Crows from the other directions come together and gather into a form of one massive Crow!

The Ancestors began to dance and sing, they begin to dance with the Angels (didn’t know they could dance but they can 🙂 )

Then the Ancestors tell me “This will not be the only attunement that we will be involved in, but it is the FIRST one.The magic and the healing these attunements will bring are important, not to go back to the way it was (you can NEVER go back) but to go forward in a more enlightened mindset. Which will show the connection to the old ways as well.

Then I see White Buffalo Calf Woman and she says to me: “This is one of the FOUR, of the directional attunements that will be happening. Eagle is the next one and the others will show themselves soon.

Suddenly I had this sense that Crow is OLD magic, there was something, a powerful connection between Crow and Human, at first I didn’t know what it was, then in an instant this was downloaded to my mind…..

Message From The AncestorsCrow2

All humans were once crow. So that they wouldn’t fight and hate; everyone looked the same, everyone looked like Crow, you couldn’t tell one Crow from another. Life was peaceful, but life was not as it should have been. Life is about differences and uniqueness, and the Crow people decided they wanted to become unique and different, they wanted free will to look and be who they wanted to be. They wouldn’t have any troubles as long as they kept the Crow in their hearts remembering that we are really all the same and that it doesn’t matter what one looks like; If they kept that…that MAGIC; all would be well. But humans forgot and brought hate and and judgement upon themselves and one another. They forgot that they once were Crow. This attunement brings in a new era of connection  to the old ways but for a new world. It has helped the world remember that magic we once had; that we once were crows and to honor that sameness and our uniqueness as well.

As I received this message I began to cry, only for the joy of it all. The Crows were so so happy, the Angels and the Fairies, and Ancestors were happy.

5 Replies to “Attuning the Crows”

  1. What a beautiful message you received, Once again we are reminded that we are really one. Even crows and hawks eh? I too loved the gratitude from them. What a blessing to be part of this!

  2. You are all so blessed to be doing this work. Part of me envies your abilities to experience this miracle. I’m still a work in progress but maybe some day…….

  3. Thank you for this message. In the morning I hear the crows calling as if they are welcoming me. I try to respond and thank them.

  4. Hi Linda, if you want to begin to do this work all that you need to do is believe that you are ready right now to do it.
    I AM blessed and I thank the Universe every day, I promise you that if you believe your ready the Universe will unfold for you in ways that you can’t imagine.

  5. Ming, With the strong connection to Hawk like you and I both have, I didn’t think the Crows would choose us; but I’m glad they did. You can Candy mean the world to me, I couldn’t imagine being on this incredible journey without the two of you.

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