Attuning the Honey & Bumble Bees


A few weeks ago I had a encounter with this beautiful bumblebee who came and landed near where I was sitting. He stayed for over 30 minutes and we talked. He said that he was sent to ask me if I would do for the Bumble and Honey Bees, what I did for Hummingbird, Hawk and Deer and attune them to reiki. There was an excitement in his words, an eagerness, for what was about to happen, the same kind as a kid’s on Christmas morning.

I didn’t hesitate and I told him that I would, then I laid my finger down beside him and he immediately, raised his front leg and put it on top of my finger, I felt so connected to this small being in the most amazing way, and I heard the words “Thank you”.

I went inside and emailed Ming Chee-Brown of Reiki Fur Babies and we picked a date. On 10-19-13, at 12PM EST I began to send to the bees from the East and at 9AM PST Candy & Ming began to send from the West.

From the moment it began it was different, for me it was subtler than it was with Hummingbird, Hawk and Deer, but that didn’t mean it was any less powerful. My body began to very gently hum, then my crown chakra began to hum as well and I discovers as I was sending reiki to be the bees it wasn’t a humming it was a buzzing. Very gentle but as if a thousands of bees were right beside me, and at one point I thought I heard and felt one right by my ear but there weren’t any physically there.

I began by sending reiki to the North, and as I came to Michigan I intuitively knew that there was a bee plant there and as soon as the reiki touched the bees in that plant, I FELT them become empowered! They became stronger, more certain, less afraid and confused. They became STRONG! They told me collectively that what  we were doing was going to help them and all the others to come to no longer feel afraid, living in confusion and chaos. I WISH I could describe the feeling of peace and relief that came over me as I received that mesage. The RELIEF they felt, the JOY! They we’re still in the industrial hive, but what we were doing was taking their fear and in the place of it became this immense joy!

Then I moved to the East, then the South and finally to to West, as I began to send reiki West the buzzing became louder and the reiki flowed from my hands faster. Over and over again I kept hearing the bees and beings I did not recognize saying “thank you”. When we came to our meeting spot in Texas, I saw in my mind Ming and Candy coming towards me we spread out our arms and hands to one another and for the final sending; and then the buzzing was all around us. It became very low and I feel tingling in my feet and legs, and then it went higher and I felt it in my Third Eye and Crown Chakras and then back to low and high over and over. I saw that we were in a funnel of bees surrounding all 3 of us, and the bees were swirling around and around us, not in a threatening way, not at all, in fact it felt very loving, and tears streamed down my face and I felt their appreciation for us.

And bee’s message came through…


Bee’s message:

Attuning the bees of the world to reiki

We appreciate what you have done for us today, we have been wanting this for quite a long time, we had to come to the near brink of extinction so that others can see how important we are to the world around us. Some would have been scared of us, we frighten them, and would not have attuned us. Thank you for not being afraid of who we are, and for allowing us to come close to you.


Then I saw fairies all around us, celebrating and dancing. They are very very tied to the bees, for as the bees began to leave and deplete so did the fairies, and now as the bees are going to become stronger and their population will grow and thrive so will the fairies. The fairies told me “What you have done today has helped everyone, if there are not bees there is not life. As the bees thrive, so shall the Fae, humans will begin to see us an work with us more and more now, a new era has begun and and we are very much looking forward to it!

Tears streamed down my face throughout the attunement, the joy from these small bee-ings was beyond measure… and oh what JOY!



8 Replies to “Attuning the Honey & Bumble Bees”

  1. Coryelle, reading this gave me goose bumps all over again. I know the fairies have been rejoicing and rejoicing with so much delight.

    Yay for the honeybee.

    I am so glad you came to Candy and I. What a blessing to be a part of this!

  2. WOW…that had to be an AWESOME experience…..Rita and I drummed on our new native drum in the grove where there is a huge honey bee hive and Rita asked the honey bees if it was ok to drum here (which was very close to their hive) we brought in the drum and sat for a few just doing the heart beat….some of the bees came out and just fly around us….but then we started to sing and one Honey Bee came to Rita and just looked at her….we think they loved the drum….and the bees just went on doing what they where doing and some just listened to us. buzzing around really was an AWESOME experience…

  3. Dear Soul Sister,
    I am part of a group that get together and send love and healing to our animals and planet. Every month my leader pick one animal to do this. We had sent love to the bees… And definitely they were grateful!
    Isn’t it amazing that people are doing the same thing around the world?
    Thank you for doing this!
    Love & Light,

  4. It IS Claudia I love how this shift of the planet is bringing so many incredible lightwork to it. I send your group many many blessings for their continued loving work. Blessings, Coryelle

  5. Connie, I got goosebumps reading your experience with the bees, what a beautiful and powerful thing that was. I loved that Rita asked them if it was ok to drum, both of you should be there, but both of you respect each others right to be…beautiful! Thank you for sharing your bee experience with us.

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