Attuning the Avebury Henge

 Avebury attunementparticipating in this attunement is Carolyn Arnold & Aaron my Twin Flame

After the attuning of Stonehenge,  Carolyn let me know that the beautiful henge of Avebury wanted to be attuned. I honestly didn’t know much about it so I read up and found out that Avebury (located in Wiltshire England) is over 4 THOUSAND years old (created around 2200 BC) and some would say exceeds Stonehenge as the largest, most impressive and complex prehistoric site in Britain.

With the amazing experience that I had during Stonehenge’s attunement I was excited to see what Avebury Henge’s attunement would bring.

As I began to send I saw myself standing in the middle of this incredible circle of stone sentinels, and I felt the immediately the difference between the 2 Henge’s; the first was that I saw 2 kinds of phantoms walking all around the stones. The first kind I knew were people in spirit and the other were echoes (what I call residuals) of people who had been there but also who were living on other planes of existence. I know you’re asking how do I tell the who’s who. It’s a combination of a intuitive knowing as well as what I’ve learned that spirits are more opaque and residuals or echoes and those from other planes are more corporeal in their bodies.

There was quite a few and I knew that there was something about this particular circle that was attracting them.

The other difference is that unlike Stonehenge, this circle’s energy didn’t feel depleted, but rather it’s energy need to be recalibrated it wasn’t open and focused in the right directions enough. I then saw the tops of the stone and each had a beam of energy coming out of the top but they were only going straight upward in a small column of light. As we sent the attunement I saw the single column beams begin to spread out in fan-like shapes of light. Making the focal points and energy mass on each stone triple what it was before. For the stones I knew it was the difference between having blinders on retraining what you can do and having peripheral extended vision.

I continued to send…

Then I downloaded the knowledge that unlike Stonehenge (which was a portal to many different times, places and worlds) Avebury was created for one specific thing. It was created to connect this world with the realm of both Spirit and past timelines both here, in our time and the Ethereal World’s timeline (which runs parallel to this one on this world right now). It is a place to go (either physically or astrally) when you want to communicate with the dead, life in the past (or a past life personal to you) or the realm of Ethereal life. Avebury will transport you to the past, the past life you’ve lived on this world and it’s a doorway to the Ethereal. It’s doesn’t transport you to the future only to the past whether that past is 2 seconds or 200 years before.

I saw many different types of who were coming through, from Vikings, and Druids, to Japanese and Native Americans, every type of race had knowledge of this portal and I was seeing it in the residual echoes playing around me. This portal has the power now to transport you to any past timeline, anywhere you want.

I then saw ally he stones light up with a golden light, each with the fan-spread on top of them, the leylines  in the circle and spreading out beyond lift up also in the golden light

I noticed, Once activated fully, that the energies differ between them. With Stonehenge felt like a Heavy Weight and Avebury more of a Welter Weight, both strong, both powerful, but the energy also told me who created Avebury, Elves. It has an almost effervescent feeling about it. Then I saw echoes of it being created by them, this is why this portal is also tied to the Ethereal realm. The Elves were celebrating the recalibrating of their circle, I heard this exquisite high singing, which seemed to light up the very air around me, the stones were happy and so were the Elves.


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