Amazon Rainforest

Attuning The Amazon With Reiki Fur Babies

Amazon Waterfall

Assisting in this attainment were Aaron, Sammy (Reiki Master Cat Extrodinaire), Jenny Wilhelm, Sammy Diva, Diana Tootell and Philip

In the last attunement of the Alligators and Crocodiles, I said that it had been the first attunement request in a while. They seemed to have stopped.

Until a few weeks ago and in this attunement list was the Amazon Rain Forest. While attuning the forest I received this message “The reason the animal’s requests have stopped is because the time to move on has come, you are now being asked to begin to attune places and continents. As with the animals each will come to you when the time is right.

So as I began to send the attunement, I felt the entire Rain Forest sigh, and then I heard the word “finally”, I felt this welling of pure joy coming from where I was sending the attunement, it was as though the Rain Forest was a person being choked up with deep and extreme emotion over what was happening.

Then I heard the Rain Forest’s message

Message from the Amazon

This attunement will attune ALL the beings of the Amazon, and we will attune any and all who come to us in the future as well. ALL beings including the indigenous peoples are going to be a part of this as well. This is the first time that people have been directly effected by the attunements that you have done and it will not be the last. It will be felt from now until the very end of time. We sincerely thank you for what you are doing for us, those of you who are facilitating this attunement from now until forever more will be considered Sisters & Brothers of the Amazon. As a thank you and with our deepest gratitude for what you have done, you will be given a chance to come to us (The Amazon) where you can stand under the trees and feel (in person) the appreciation and love we have for each of you. This we promise you will come into being.


Then I saw all of us who had come together gathered in a circle under the Rain Forest canopy of trees, holding hands. The jungle had quieted as if each begin there knew what was going to happen and was waiting for it. Suddenly the sunlight peeked though the leaves and hit each of our faces and in the moment I saw the dust shining like fairy dust in the sunlight and then red and white petals began to fall down all around us. I knew they were petals from the orchids in the trees above and everyone was looking up and smiling into the sun and then at one another, and the peace and joy of that moment was tactile. It was the Rain Forest silently blessing us; showing her gratitude for what we had done and thanking us. My heart knew at that moment with complete certainty that it would happen we all would stand in person in circle and accept the blessings and thanks that the Amazon would rain down upon each one of us.

Then a word come into my mind, in a language I had never seen before. It had many consonants in it (looked hard to pronounce) but I knew it was in the an ancient language I and I also know it was the word for all the immense emotions, gratitude and thanks that the Amazon wanted to express to us; one word that meant SO much. We said that she was welcome.


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  1. Ming October 26, 2014 at 1:35 pm #

    This was one of the most amazing attunement of all!! So blessed to be a part of it !

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