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Attunement of Stonehenge with Reiki Fur Babies


Stonehenge message

Participants in this attunement were Aaron, Sammy Cat, & Jenny Wilhelm

This was the second sacred space attunement that we did with the Amazon being the first.

I have always been fascinated by Stonehenge, every time I see an image of it, I get chills. When I heard it’s call to be attuned I was beyond excited to do it.

When I began to send I was instantly transport to Stonehenge, I saw grey colored lines coming out in 8 different directions from inside Stonehenge radiating out and beyond it. I know immediately that each of the lines was going in a cardinal direction and (E, SE, S, SW, W, NW, N & NE) they each look dull and lifeless in color.

Then I heard the word “activation” and I I saw forming in the middle of the stone a huge disk of bright white light, it then began to rise up, and up past the stones, into the sky, where I had a knowing it was continuing on up and up through the stratosphere. Then I saw the radiating ley lines begin to glow with the bright white light just like the column.

The column when I connected to it felt like the impossible, it felt like it was connected EVERYWHERE, as though it was touching everything and everywhere all at once.

a doorway to everywhere. To times (past, present and future), other planets, alternative universes, to other planes of existence as well as actual physical places on this planet itself. Then I heard “connecting to Stonehenge energy during times of astral travel and sleep will be very beneficial for you (humans). When you connect to this energy there is no limits to where you can go, see or experience.” Then this message came through.

Message from Stonehenge

It pleases that the “Consciousness Shift” is bring back a reawakening back to the ancient ways, for although these way can not be exactly as they were in the past (for there is no ever going back to what was), you can still incorporated the structure of it for the future. Do not try to go back to what was, that is a futility in impossibility instead go forward and make something old new once more. We are looking ahead take what was into the now and into future days. We have been reactivated. the energies of the past had been worn thin, on the verge of non-existence. The pulse of us (this sacred place) has long been quieting, but now it is alive again once more.”

Coryelle speaks

Right before I got this last part my heart beat and pulse began to speed up I assume along with the pulse of Stonehendge

Message continues

You have reactivated the pulse of us, the Stone of the Ancients, bringing it into the now and far into the future. You don’t fully understand what you have done here today, but you will, and you also can’t understand fully our gratitude. Use this portal to go wherever you choose, whenever you choose however you choose. It is for those who are a vibrational match to it, for those who do not carry the respect for this place or who’s eyes are closed were are simply stones, nothing more. To those who match our vibration, we promise to show you things beyond your wildest dreams, beyond your comprehension. This is a portal of knowledge and of wisdom what will take you to place where you can learn from them and gain the information that you seek. We do this with our deepest gratitude.

I then saw all of the stones become bright white in color, almost blinding, then it faded until the white light was wrapped around each stone like an aura.

Received by Jenny Wilhelm

Very ancient energy…is it a portal? Because that is what I felt like. And then tears just welled up in my eyes. I didn’t feel sad, I just felt peace and such beauty. And as I am typing this to you, now I feel like the tears were familiarity…that this is the portal I came through. I will have to connect deeper when I get home tonight!


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  1. Ming December 13, 2014 at 4:05 pm #

    I got goosebumps reading this… I love their message. I am grateful that we could be a part of their attunement.

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