Appreciating 2014

Below is the last dose of positive for this year, but first I want to state what 2014 brought into my life, what I’m thankful for and feel blessed for.

  • It brought my Twin Flame Aaron into my life.
  • I began my work with the World Walkers and Star People, and through that discovered who I truly am. (Which I will post about shortly).
  • I connected more deeply to dear friends cementing their existence in my life from now until the end of time.
  • I let go of more limited mindset of self and of this world and opened up to the possibilities of magic and other planes and worlds
  • I gained new guides and helpers in my work.
  • I was blessed to be able to be a part of attuning many sacred places and animals.
  • Through my work I believe that I was able to help many people and animals and make the world a little bit better because of this.
  • My beautiful new website designed by the talented Rachael Kay Albers of RKA INK.
  • New friendships were gifted to me.
  • Old friendships were healed and renewed.
  • I gained gifts of seeing and prophecy.
  • I went to places I have always dreamed of but had never been to before.
  • I found new strength within myself.
  • I found my voice.
  • My cat Tau found his way to me and then into my heart.
  • A prayer I channeled for Archangel Uriel was published in a beautiful book.
  • I expanded my business and had the experience of bringing a University into being.
  • I found inner peace the likes I’ve not know before.
  • I healed a very profound past life and incorporated it into my now existence.
  • My indian name Wolf/Cat was gifted to me by a new and dear friend.
  • I gained clarity of purpose.
  • I was given the chance to sit with and connect to the crystal skull Sha Na Ra.
  • I met a wide variety beings both animal and human and gained many new clients.
  • I became a better person.

For these things and any others that I may not have mentioned, I truly thank the Universe/Goddess/God/ Spirit for this last year, I hold appreciation of it in my heart and allow it to radiate out to the world around me.

blowing a kiss

Dose of Positive for the final day of 2014 is “Finding things to appreciate about this last year”.
Look at this year as it leaves not in relief but in appreciation.
Take a moment and thing of the good things that occurred (even if it’s only a few things take those few things and etch them firmly in your mind.
Think of your accomplishments, new contacts, new experiences, the wonderful things that you learned about your self and this world, shoring up of new friendships and the renewing of the old ones, the relationships that began, the growth that you’ve gain, the peace that you felt, the smiles that you shared and connections to Spirit and Divine that graced your life, think of the beings that you helped, the moments that you lived with another, the lives you touched, the places we went, take a moment and think only of the good that came into your life in these 365 days.

Leave this year in the grandest sense of appreciation, acknowledge the gifts this year has brought into your life, praise your accomplishments and how much you’ve changed and grown in this last year, see how far you’ve come! Take a mount and try to remember what your life was like this time last year and then let the experiences of this year fall before you like leaves in a gentle breeze.

Don’t look at this year at what hasn’t happened or how far you THINK you still have to go, look at this year with the sunglasses of appreciation, let your appreciation blind you to anything and everything else that is not positive, allow yourself to bask in the sunlight of it, to breath it, and embrace it. You have come so far in only these few 300 and so days, step into 2015 appreciating what it cane bring you but also what 2014 brought you so that you leave this year with a sense of inner peace and serenity. <3

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