Animal Blueprints & Communication

Here is where I will be explaining the EXCITING new ways I’m going to help your animals and where I’m going to offer INCREDIBLE opportunities to communicate with them even MORE deeply, in even MORE enriching and in MORE fantastic ways.

The way I work
is as I do with people, over time. I find that this gives you and your animal companion the dedication they deserve and the results that you’re looking for.

It gives us all enough time to have transformative and outstanding outcomes we all want! To make their lives even better and enhance your connection to them even more deeply .

Working this way means that I have more time to help you and your animals to REALLY get to the heart of any issue they maybe having or the communications and messages they want you to know. Think about the situation as an onion; instead HOPING I can get to the issue in ONE session we now have the leisure of TIME to unravel and reveal what they TRULY want us to know. Ensuring that I am able to make your lives to together the BEST it can be.

Working with me this way also ensures…

The alleviating unwanted behaviors that they are experiencing.

If they are making their transition journey, I will be there for BOTH of you being there for you as you both work through your emotions, enabling me to be a full bodied counselor for you ALL involved.

That I can show you how to deepen your relationship with your animals even MORE! Taking your connection to them to a place you never even thought was possible!

How? With Something Incredible. I Call Them…. The Animal Blueprints!

The Animal Blueprints are my NEW tools to discover how to bring your sacred relationships with your animals to WHOLE NEW heights of communication and interaction.

As a Speaker for Animals, I use them to utilize them to unlock the pathways in communication with your animals, even DEEPER than I did in my previous work as an Animal Communicator.

so that your animals can feel seen, heard and understood in ways they may never have with any other Animal Communicator before, because isn’t that what we ALL want? To be TRULY understood?

My work is a MUCH more expanded, powerful and exciting form of animal communication!

And it’s reaping AMAZING results! Which you can see by reading some of my testimonials.

So what ARE the Animal Blueprints

The Animal Blueprints are:
The Rule Breaker
The Direct & Demanding One
& The Shapeshifter

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I look forward the transformations we will all do together.