Animal Prints & Communication Packages

Here is where I will be explaining the EXCITING new ways I’m going to help your animals and where I’m going to offer INCREDIBLE opportunities to communicate with them even MORE deeply, in even MORE enriching and in MORE fantastic ways.

The way I work
is as I do with people, over time. I find that this gives you and your animal companion the dedication they deserve and the results that you’re looking for.

It gives us all enough time to have transformative and outstanding outcomes we all want! To make their lives even better and enhance your connection to them even more deeply .

Working this way means that I have more time to help you and your animals to REALLY get to the heart of any issue they maybe having or the communications and messages they want you to know. Or when the time comes to fully be there for them AND you as the make their transition journey as well as being able to be there for you to heal from the grief after they’ve moved on. Being a full bodied counselor for you BOTH. Or we can spend our time together simply deepen your relationship even more to a place you never even thought was possible!

Animal Prints are similar to the Blueprints but on a completely NON sexual level.

They are simply tools to discover how to bring your sacred and already powerful relationships with your animals to new heights of communication and interaction.

As a Speaker for Animals, they give me the opportunity to unlocking the pathways in communication with your animals, so that they can feel seen, heard and understood in ways they may never have with any other Animal Communicator before.

The Animal Prints are:
The Rule Breaker
The Direct & Demanding One
& The Shapeshifter

So, if this sounds great to you then let’s get on a call and let’s talk!
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I look forward the transformations we will all do together.