9-20-15 Winged Enhcantment deck

9-20-15 Cards of the week

9-20-18 Winged Enchantment cards


The week it’s the “Winged Enchantment” deck that’s flying into your life.

This is one of my most favorite decks because I find the images so incredibly powerful, many of you know what to do by now but for those who don’t, choose a card which most resonates with you and then look for it’s message below and you’ll discover when you use your intuition just how right it can be.



Chickadee’s are fearless, they won’t bow down to any of the other bird’s no matter how much bigger they are. They are also curious. Chickadee is asking you to express to be brave and express and assert yourself. Acknowledge how irreplaceable and unique you are, you think that everyone has to be “big” to be something when sometimes it is the littler things that matter the most. You are also missing the little signs that are around you because you are only looking for the “big aha’s”. Bow down to no one this week, let your voice sing, know you’re worth and make no apologies for who you are. Be spontaneous, in your thinking and actions, embrace the things that make you unusual don’t be afraid of them and if the world around you get’s it GREAT, and if they don’t GREAT just don’t make any apologies for it.  You are ready to do this and Chickadee will be right there beside you.



Ah Condor! This power card is about letting go of things that simply do not serve you. Devouring them and ridding yourself of them once and for all. This could be a poor self image so in that case this card is asking you to become more aware of how you see yourself, talk to yourself, refer to yourself to others. Are you making yourself the brunt of the jokes in a  group of people because you want to laugh at yourself before someone else does? Are you talking to yourself like you would your best friend? With compassion and love? uplifting you or are you judging you? Whatever it is that is holding you back, Condor is here to help you embrace it (what is is no hiding), make peace with it (it is now but things can change in a heartbeat) and then will help you consume it so that is becomes a part of your past and no longer a part of your now. But you have to be brave, Condor is not for the faint of heart he symbols a transformation and a big one but it’s up to YOU whether you go through it or not.



Bluebird is about living in the moment, finding your joy and freedom of inner peace. Bluebird is about enjoying the moment and if you find that a hard thing to do then do whatever you can TO enjoy it, go for a stroll, be in nature, spend time with those who make you laugh until you cry, or who just love you for who you are. Bluebird is about appreciation for the life you have, the people and things in it, appreciation helps to bring you into the moment it helps to bring out the joy and the happiness that is your God given right to have every single day of you life. Bluebird is asking you “Are you happy?” and if the answer is “No” then it’s time to do all you can to be happy. Joy and happiness are not overrated ENOUGH. When you are happy, when you are joy-filled you are standing in the exact way the Universe wants you to be. There will always be challenges and with them some pain whether that is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, but it’s important to get back into a stance of appreciation, joy and happiness as soon as you are able, yes, honor your feelings by feeling them but remember to eventually allow your heart to take flight and soar in the skies of joy and happiness with Bluebird.


Sending you all light for an amazing week.



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