15 Previously Undocumented Species of Toads found in Tanzania

One of the amazing new species of beings fund in Tanzania

One of the amazing new species of beings found in Tanzania

I just came across this wonderful news from the BBC.

Last month, 15 previously undocumented species of Toads were found in Tanzania.

Fantastic aren’t they?

This world is so wonderful and so amazing, there are so many fantastic things in it if we just take the time to get quiet and look.

Now, the toad might not be your favorite animal but just look at the COLORS of some of these little guys.

and maybe think about it like this….

Tree Frog

Frogs, Toads, they are all representatives of the Water Nation, water is cleansing and pure.

Some Cultures believe that the toads and frogs are the rainmakers of the world. That their songs are Rain Songs.

The song of the frogs and toads, lull us to sleep in the country, it would not be a Summer Dusk and Sunset without their concerts in the background.

Mitakuye Oyasin (Dakotah Sioux for “We are all one”)


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