10-11-15 Messager Oracle deck

10-11-15 Cards of the week

10-11-15 Messager Oracle cards

Your cards for this week come from the “Messenger Oracle” deck by Ravynne Phelan

Whatever card speaks to you most strongly is your card and your message and guidance for the week. Enjoy!


“Show That You Care”

Don’t hold yourself back from expressing how much you care about someone or something this week, it’s about showing your passions for those things you care most about an not making apologies for it. Not stopping yourself from expressing what those passions no matter who maybe watching. the Universe is asking you to step up and show it, appreciation for those things it is brought into your life. Show that you care about them, if it’s a person TELL them, if it’s your career them don’t hold yourself back from taking chances..make something new of it, breath new life into you, if it’s your children write them a letter, make a impromptu video and send it to them do something they may not expect or have seen you do. Caring doesn’t always mean letting things in, sometimes the hardest way to show someone that you truly care is to let them go. So ask yourself “how can I really show that I care for this person and their life the best by getting in their life or leaving them to it?” If it’s your life and where you are in it show that you care for it showing it and you some love this week. If you love your life you don’t berated it, or make fun of it like when others ask you “how’s life?” and you sarcastically say “GREAT!” because you want to downplay so that those around you feel better, SHOW that you love your life by saying “it’s fantastic and I’m loving it!”. Remember it’s about showing that you care, expressing love, for the more you care the more you experience appreciation for those things that life’s brought to you, which puts in the perfect place vibrationally to allow in even more.


“Trust In Magic”

Magic DOES exist though things like synchronicity, manifestations, serendipity, connections to the Divine and Ethereal worlds, through signs and omens, and encounter with the animals of this world. Magic exists all around you, all the time. This week is about seeing just how magical your life really is by trusting in Magic, believing in it. We have been taught that magic isn’t real, and it’s made up, but years ago magic was a part of every day life and it was excepted, it was even expected and it was embraced. FEEL the magic that runs through your life like threads in a giant loom as you weave your life through a series of happenstances, coincidences ( 😉 which there are really no such thing as) look at the animals that happen in your path this week, become more aware of your daydreams, your night dreams, the goosebumps and the encounters that cross your path. It’s time for you to get more into the magical mind set of unlimited possibilities, stop “facing reality” and start living the dream. The Universe wants you to see, feel and experience the magic of creating that flows to you endlessly. It’s letting you know that you are ready to break down the barriers of limited beliefs and open your arms to the unlimited creativity of “why not’s!” Trust that magic is there….right there waiting for you to turn towards, smile at it and say “I’m ready for you to flow freely into my life” then watch, as it begins to show you things that you thought were only possible in the movies. Magic is calling to you, it wants to work with you, the question is will you trust and hear it?


“Have Courage”

This week you will be asked to have the courage to see things not as they ARE but as you WANT them. This maybe a little strained at first because it’s about tweaking your perception, having the courage to keep your dreams instead of “reality” at the forefront. But like a dance you must first learn the steps and then once you feel more comfortable the easier the dance becomes. have courage not to take what others see as real as your own, have courage to bring your dreams into view, have courage to say now when something does not feel right to you, have courage to believe in your stream of well being and wholeness and health when a doctor may have told you differently, have courage not to allow anyone or anything to take away your worthiness as a child of God, have courage to say what you mean and mean what you say, have courage to walk away, have courage not to join in the blame game, the pity party, the gripe session, the finger pointing, the peer pressure, have courage to let go of the hate for hate sake and have courage to stop spewing the verbal nonsense that some one may have told you a long time go about yourself, people or your world. Have courage to discover what’s right for YOU, what feels right to YOU, what YOU believe, what YOU think. Have courage to stand up and show the world who you are, and make no apologies or excuses for it, and no explanations either. Find the lion in your heart and let them roar.


Sending you all love & light



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