Working With Coryelle Kramer

How Coryelle Connects:

For Seer (psychic) readings or Star Child Lineage, Akashic Record or Past life readings she connect with her guides, let you know things about yourself that you haven’t shared with her or possibly anyone else before. Once you acknowledge that she is connected, the session time begins and you can then ask any question(s) you’d like and she will relay the answers.  For animal communication sessions she will quietly connect to your animal (living or in spirit), introduce herself to them (so they know who and why she wants to chat with them) then ask them if they will talk with her, if they say “yes” (which they usually always do), she gets a sense for their personalities (those in spirit too) and she tells you what your furrkid is like. When you believe she has connected to them she then begins the session. For medium readings she gets a sense for spirit (their personalities, how they looked in life) in order to let you know that connection has been made.


Topics That Coryelle & Her Guides Are Able To Address:

career, life’s purpose, health (both for people & animals), spirit connections, personal spirit guides, star child lineage, akashic records, past lives, abundance, life direction, Twin Flames, current relationships or marriage issues, childbirth issues, family, unwanted behaviors in animals, chakras rebalancing (both in people and animals), & the upcoming months or year

Frequently Asked Questions:

I don’t live in your area, do you have to physically be with the person or animal? Or can you work long distance?
Yes I can work long distance, the majority of the readings and healing that I do are long distance, either over the phone, through video chat on Skype or through traveling astrally to you or your animal. I have clients all over the world; so I have to be able to be just as effective over the phone as I am in person or my work as a light worker would suffer. Phone sessions are just as effective and just as healing; sometimes even more so! This is due to the fact that many times when you are on the phone you generally concentrating more intently on the messages I’m getting for you and you’re less distracted, especially if it’s in a psychic fair or event environment. If this is a consultation for your animal companion, once you have booked their session I then request that you email me a photo of them.

How do I prepare for my reading or session?
It’s helpful to have a list ready, of questions that you would like to ask either, your animal companion, your loved ones in spirit, that you would like to discover from the Universe itself. More questions can always be asked later on (IF time allows). Writing down your questions helps Coryelle stay on track to so that she can get your most important questions answered.

How will I remember everything?
ALL of Coryelle’s sessions are recorded and after your reading, you’ll receive a email with a link to your recordings mp3 audio file which you can save and download to your phone, tablet or computer.

I, or my animal has health issues can Coryelle help us with that?
Yes, she can, Coryelle is empathic; meaning she’s able to sense a person or animal’s health, discover the issues and then help them to find the best course of treatment either allopathically or naturally. Health scans are done either in 30 or 60 minute sessions. If a health scan is requested ALL information given should be shared and confirmed by a doctor or veterinarian. If a healing is requested Coryelle is also a Reiki Master Healer. Using powerful techniques that she has learned and channeled from her guides she will work with the person or animal astrally (if needed) to send healing to the body, mind and spirit. This will encompass all three into one, creating an even more powerful healing.

Do you do sessions for lost animals?
She chooses not to, many times these situations can be very emotionally charged, and it makes it challenging for Coryelle connect to them.

I’d like to speak to a person or animal who has passed are you able to do that?
Yes, Coryelle does mediumship both with people and animals. Your bond with both of them is so strong it transcends time and space, making it possible for Coryelle to connect with any spirit; animal or human.

If this is a session with my animal, should I be with them or do they have to be in the room with me when I do our session?
Although it IS fun for you to see their reactions as the session is progressing for example: some become sleepy, or start zooming around, or become extra loving (because they feel relief about being able to tell you what they’ve been wanting you to know), it is not necessary for them to be with you during their session.

I, or an animal companion suffer from unwanted behaviors such as: jealousy, self confidence issues, depression, fear, guilt or rage; can you help with this?
Yes, Coryelle is a certified Flower Essences therapist, she works with her own line of flower essences called “Flower Hills Essences.” She uses them to help relieve a being of negative behaviors and restore their natural sense of Well-Being, and mental balance. If your session calls for them she will send you an email at with ALL the information you need to know, dosage, duration and how to take and give the essences.

I’d like to know either my or my animal’s past lives, akashic records or if I’m a Star Child Lineage can you help me?
Yes, Coryelle is a Seer which means she opens herself up to the Universal/Source energy, to her guides and to the very fabric of time itself to divine anything and everything about who you are and who you were. She connects to many different sources, including other planes and worlds beyond ours to discover, download and then relay such things any past lives, dimensional connections and if you are a Star Child and who your people are, and the lives that they live.

Please contact Coryelle directly if you have any other questions or you can:

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