Published Author

In 2014 I was honored to be asked to write a prayer for the book “365 Days Of Angel Prayers“.
I had never written anything for a book before, yes I’ve written for numerous newspapers and magazines both online and physical ones but never for a book.
I thought to myself “this is BIG, after this I can officially add the title “published author” to my resume”. I was honestly also a little frightened of the challenge (you know how it goes immediately you begin to think “can I do this?”, but then I felt this calm fall over me and I just knew that if I trusted and just allowed it to come it would. I didn’t rush it, I waited for when it felt like the right time, when I was at an open and allowing state and I saw down, connected to the angel who I felt strongest to and channeled this prayer in less than and hour, it flowed through me like water through a rolling river. I’m so happy that I could Uriel (a angel near and dear to my heart) and his powerful words to all of you. I hope you enjoy it and that it helps you in some way.
Blessings & Light Coryelle


Archangel Uriel’s Prayer For Personal Power & Manifestation #coryellekramer