“I feel more “at peace” with losing both Bree & BareBear within 2wks of each other. Both of them left completely unexpected and both of them were so young … understanding why them, why now has been extremely difficult!

The elixir has helped me focus more on just accepting their transitions and trying to feel their spirits / souls / energy in their new forms. Not being able to touch them, hug, kiss & cuddle them is so so so hard to be able to deal with. I’ve noticed that Honey & Boo both are definitely more “happy”. They both have a little “spring” in their steps and are always smiley and wiggly when they see me. Luigi (BareBear’s hairy cat brother), seems to be adjusted and found comfort with Honey & Boo. Henry — well Henry is just old man Henry and he just hangs out and has always gone with the flow, no matter who’s physically in our lives and who’s transitioned into spiritual energy. So yes all the furrkids and me show obvious signs of the elixir helping them feel ok with things. THANK YOU for mixing up this concoction for us. You are an amazing and very special woman.”

I asked Coryelle a tough question by phone a while back. Was the baby bunny I was thinking of adopting a girl or boy? Coryelle said a boy. But after a couple months bunny never looked like a boy, if you catch my drift, so I figured Coryelle was wrong….Well, yesterday I got bunny fixed and the vet discovered that she’s a boy! (Apparently the family jewels weren’t able to descend as they should have.) DON’T DOUBT CORYELLE!

Coryelle, We want to personally thank you for the time you spent Monday talking to our sweet angel Penny Lane. We appreciate knowing that she is ready to transition and has enjoyed her time with us. We know she will always be with us and are comforted by the recording you sent to us. With all of our heart we thank you!

Coryelle has been close to my heart for three years now.  She met Brutus when he was 4 and he trusted her. So when I had a dream 2 nights in a row about Brutus and a kitten I knew she would be able to help me figure it out.This may not seem like such a big deal, but Brutus is a master hunter. And he has killed a stray cat that was spraying at out back door, along with many many rabbits, woodchucks, skunks, and oppossum. Coryelle had a distance conversation with Bru and gave me the scoop. (Coryelle’s info to me…) Coryelle even described her (and I did not tell her what I saw in my dream) markings and color. So a few days later we went to the SPCA and found her. I knew her instantly!  I introduced her slowly to Brutus and now one month later they sleep together! I am so glad I had Coryelle as a reference because she was able to check in with Bru and gave me the confidence to bring Zeva into our house and our hearts.

All I can say, is that this session was one of the most beautiful things I have ever experienced. Coryelle does beautiful work, and the peace and comfort that this session provided cannot be expressed in words. It was very healing and very powerful. Thank you, Coryelle. Thank you all for your warm thoughts and wishes. Angel is truely a beautiful soul, and she will be with me forever.

I feel so honored that you posted the photos of my babies! The reading gave me such perspective! It was truly an amazing experience and I have a new respect for each of them. Thank you so much for the reading, you are truly gifted.

I cannot ever in a million lifetimes thank you enough for unburdening my love. He is so much freer.

Omar and I thank you. Knowing that he is at peace was a great comfort to me.

Being an animal healer I am very aware of my relationship with my fur babies. But watching my yellow lab Sammy Diva age has been a difficult journey. It occurred to me to ask Coryelle for some assistance. Having Sammy Diva talk to Coryelle was so amazing that it caused a shift within me and strengthened the bond even more! Knowing that Sammy Diva is not experiencing dementia but something spiritual is so exciting . Her thoughts brought me to tears. It’s very comforting to know that I have Coryelle available as Sammy Diva ages. Thank you Coryelle!

My partner and I had a wonderful session with Coryelle and Nyx our cat who recently had a bad jump and blew her knee out so bad her leg had to be amputated. Nyx came right to us after the session and let us know that she enjoyed it! And Coryelle, she looked at the tree and sat near it but did not attempt to climb it! Hopefully she will keep remembering her promise! Thanks again Ms. Coryelle!

Coryelle did an amazing job at honing in on the issues I am facing with my teen age daughters. She spoke in detail about things I had suspected, described what the future looks like, and where & how to focus my energies. With her guidance, I am certain I will have a much better chance at rebuilding loving, caring relationships with my girls. Thank you, Coryelle!