Energetic Healing Sessions With Coryelle


All my life I’ve never done anything the way other people have.
I’ve always tried to come from the “take something and put your own spin on it” perceptive, making it uniquely my own and I believe it makes whatever you do even more powerful because I’m adding a piece of my very soul to the mix. I do this in every single reading & session I do for animals and humans….so why would my healing be any different?

I became a practitioner of reiki in spring of 2002, I was attuned to both level 1 & 2and then received my Reiki Master certification in 2013.

My energetic healing technique has evolved beyond Reiki, it’s become more powerful and more unique I’ve taken it (like all things I do) and made it my own. It can be sent to anyone at anytime, anywhere and incorporates array of energies including Divinity and the Archangels. It needs no symbols or anything else to channel it’s power. All that is needed is my connecting to my guide and we then send the healing to any animal, human or place that requires it. I send energy to the being or place and the results are felt instantaneously and last a very long time, in many cases the person or the animal and place has been healed completely. Depending on the severity of the situation multiple session might have to be purchased in order to heal the current situation or illness.

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Note that sessions can be broken up into 15 minute intervals (or less), the longer of a session you purchase, the more sessions you receive.