Day 8 strength of mind body and spirit

Day 8: 28 Days Of Loving Yourself

Here’s a positive way to start your day (or restart it depending on your time zone ūüôā¬†).

The reason that I think this is so important is because in the beginning maybe it starts off easy to find things that you love about you, but as the days go on and right around now it’s easy to begin to “slip back” into old mindsets of thinking and to say “ok I’ve done this but now it’s getting a little hard to find one thing that I love about who I am” or maybe you’re thinking ¬†“Every time I search to find what I DO love I become more aware of what I DON’T ¬†or what I need to work on TO love”

But that’s OK, because it makes you aware of where you are in your life and the old mindsets you been carrying around; and as you become more aware of what you don’t love and hear the old voices in your head telling you why, you become more aware that those discordant voices don’t serve who you are¬†becoming. And with that knowledge you begin to allow in a more positive mindset to get to those place you want to love about you.

Essentially this is re-training your brain to see the positive FIRST then the discordant after.

So with that being said, take a moment and think what do you think makes you an amazing person? What make you uniquely you? what makes you the kick ass you that you are? What do YOU love about who you are? Allow the positive¬†traits¬†your not quite¬†believe be filed into a “not quite yet” openminded mindset.

As for me? Today I love my strength of mind, body & spirit

Day 8 Of 28 Days Of Loving Yourself: Strength of mind body & spirit



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