Animal Communication: Message from Seal “How to Enjoy Life”

I had been sitting this morning on a beach on Cape Cod facing the Atlantic doing my usual morning mediation, when I suddenly felt a strong presence all around me. When I opened my eyes there in front of me, only 10 feet from the shore was a group of seals swimming past.

Seal friends group

Seal friends group

Now, me being the Animal Communicator I am,
I am NOT about to let an opportunity like THIS slip by without opening up a line of communication!
So I asked them to stay and talk with me. Some stayed, and some went off to look at the curious people floating on the large sticks of colorful wood (we call them surfers!)

Seals and Surfers

Seals and Surfers

The ones that went over to surfers, just had so much fun looking and checking them out. And yes even talking to the surfers. I felt their connection right away and was so happy to see that moment and capture it on my camera. One being looking at another with curiosity yet both respecting the others boundaries and space. This connect between people and animals transcends anything else. Not only do we learn from them, they learn from us as well.

Respecting the fact that all beings have something important to say, that it does not always means more because it is coming from an animal, just as it does not always mean more when it comes from a human the message. What is important is that the message(s) is coming. Simply being aware that information and wonderful things come from many different sources.

So back to my encounter. So as the men on the weird colorful boards were having their connection I had mine….

I asked the seals “Show me how I can be more playful, more lighter about things in my life, show me how I can enjoy my life more.” “You seals seem to live off happiness, joy, and fun and I would like to learn how to be more like that, how do I do that?”

This is what I heard….

“By just letting go, by not being afraid of results of your actions, what others might think or do. It is your life. You live your life the most when you are at your most happiest, at your most freest.”

Seal lying on her back

Seal lying on her back

By having fun with your friends when you are with a group of friends that understand you and love you and you let go in that atmosphere that is a wonderful feeling. Let go of all the things that you think are so important. Let go of all the things that you think make you, you.

“When you truly let go and just BE, you will see how easy it is to connect to the real you, and in finding that real you then you will have joy and see things as we do.”

“Try to be open to new ideas, new experiences, take them in with an open mind and find out what you like and what you want to keep about this new experience, and then let it go and joyfully move on the next new experience or new encounter, why do you stay and keep looking at the new thing?”

“That is not a good idea because after a while the new thing becomes the old thing and the joy and fun is not in it as much anymore the longer you look at any old thing the less exciting and thrilling it becomes.”

“So let it go.”

Seal Joy

Seal Joy

WE are always curios about the new experience, that is a good way to be…remain open and curious and about all the new experiences, curiosity brings excitement and joy into our lives, don’t be afraid of your curiosity. We stay teachable and open to new knowledge.”

Then the seal asked me…

“When you first saw us and you grabbed your object (my camera) and started to run down the beach at us you did so with curiosity with joy and without thinking about it, did that not feel nice to do that?”

I said, “yes, it really did, but then my head got in the way and I started thinking, maybe I am bothering them I should keep back and not chase them

Seal “yes, we were sorry to see you stop, we were having a good game of “catch me”

Me: “but I did not want you to think I was going after your babies, or disrespecting you”

Seal: “We see you heart.. we know what you are thinking like you know what we are thinking. That is your head talking, what does the heart say?”

Me: “That is was fun to run!”

Seal: “YES! And we loved sharing that experience with you. Don’t’ worry about what others may think we love to have fun we want that for you too! That is why we came to you today, there is a real feeling of wanting to have this joy but keeping it bottled up because you are not so sure what will happen if you let it out of the bottle. We want to let you know that the fun is in NOT know what will happen when you open that bottle, that is the thrill that brings so much meaning to our lives and to yours.”

Then I thanked the seals for talking with me and sharing with me and teaching me and for the new experience that I want not to share with you.

Then they asked ME a question…

seals at play

seals at play

“We have always been curious what it is like to have legs and feet?”

So I tried to explain what it we like to do some things like driving and hopping and running. But then I realized it would be easier to open the connection and share the FEELINGS of doing those things. So I did, I shared with them the sensations of dancing and running and jumping and hopping and skipping and swimming with legs and feet. Then they shared with the sensations of swimming at high speeds in the water.  My heart started racing and I got the sensation of water rippling around me and just diving and jumping and doing so at such fast speeds it boggled my mind.

They thanked me for sharing my experiences and I thanked them.

Then we parted ways and I felt so blessed to be here in this wonderful place.

Atlantic Ocean Cape Cod

Atlantic Ocean Cape Cod

11 Responses to Animal Communication: Message from Seal “How to Enjoy Life”

  1. Leslie September 16, 2009 at 1:40 pm #

    That’s such good stuff! You are very lucky 🙂

  2. Coryelle September 16, 2009 at 3:20 pm #

    Hi Leslie,
    It is amazing isn’t it? The seals are such fantastic teachers. This is a great lesson for everyone! Thanks for commenting.

  3. MrsDesperate September 16, 2009 at 10:32 pm #

    Gorgeous. The seals, and the message!

  4. Sandy September 16, 2009 at 11:32 pm #

    Wow, what a wonderful experience, Coryelle! Thank-you for posting. I really needed this tonight!

    Where on the Cape were you?


  5. karleen September 20, 2009 at 10:10 am #

    “”What is it like to have legs and feet?” I LOVE IT!!!!!! What a wonderful
    I finally ‘fessed up to my brother that I do AC, suspecting that he can do
    the same. You should see him when he is around animals – any animal,
    whether wild or domestic! And he told me that he has been doing AC for years but never told anyone!!!
    Thank you for validating for all of us what we know (but most choose to forget or suppress)….that animals DO communicate with us; that they have wisdom and insights far beyond our limited experience here on Earth! I’m looking forward to the continuation of this journey.

  6. Coryelle September 21, 2009 at 11:49 am #

    Hi Karleen,
    Glad you enjoyed reading my post. Fantastic news about your brother. I so enjoy when people tell me that they too have re-connected to their animal communication abilities that we ALL have. It is something that never leaves us, it is always there we just have to relearn how to listen and use them. What I try to instill in people is that ALL beings are communicating to us. That one being with clothes on can talk to another being that has a tail or feathers or leaves it is simply a matter of connecting to one another. And when we do what a WONDERFUL feeling that is! Thanks for commenting.

  7. Coryelle September 21, 2009 at 11:50 am #

    Hi Sandy,
    Great to hear from you, glad that the post helped you in some way. I was on the Coast Guard beach in the town of Eastham MA. Wonderful place, I love it there. hugs

  8. Coryelle September 21, 2009 at 11:52 am #

    Hi Ms!
    So very glad that you liked it. thanks for stopping by!

  9. Coryelle September 21, 2009 at 11:53 am #

    Hi Leslie,
    I am always feel such a thrill when something that I received resonates with others. This is a gift to all of you from the seals…we are ALL lucky.
    hugs to you all

  10. Wies van der Veen March 14, 2010 at 3:32 pm #

    Hello Coryelle,
    My name’s Wies and i’m 16 years old. I did a course for animal communication myself!
    But actually, that’s quite a while ago and i’ve not spoken much with animals yet. It might be ’cause i’m a little nervous to it.
    Do you have any advice for me?
    I’m really really interested in the fact this is only possible. One year ago I’d never expect this to exsist. How long do you talk with animals already? And how did you discover it? Did you hear about it or did you discover it by yourself?
    My mothers friend was an animal communicator. She’s the one I heard about it first. It was like a new world opened before me. But I still haven’t dared to step into it.

  11. Coryelle March 14, 2010 at 7:20 pm #

    Hi Wies,
    It is so nice to meet you!
    What I tell my students is that Animal communication is like going to the gym..yes that’s right the GYM 🙂
    When you first go, you can only lift the smaller weights, but eventually oyu can lift more and it becomes easier and easier.
    Animal Communication is like that..I would suggest starting out talking with the animals that cross you path everyday and ask then questions like
    “what’s your favorite thing to do at home?” or “what’s your favorite color or toy or place to lie down?” or “what food do you like to eat?’
    The point is to start easy and slowly. Also write down all the things you get.
    Writing it down (or recording the information some other way) will actually show you your progress.

    As you do this with the animals you will also find out your specific way of how oyu receive the information.
    This can be images flashing in your mind, you may hear the animal speaking inside your head, or you might get your information through colors or
    sounds or even smells.
    You asked how long I have talked with animals that would be ever since I was a child. I believe that Animal Communication (really should be called Being Communication) is a ingrained ability inside each and every being on this planet to be able to communicate with each and every other being.
    But our MINDS tells us that only people can talk with people and animals to animals and well….plants don’t talk to anyone because well they’re plants.
    But once you get good at communicating!…then Wies, you will find that you can talk to every single living being on this planet, even the plants!
    Thanks for your wonderful questions.

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